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The Dance Continues.

Leah I`m sending to share something about dance, I liked dance too Gisela

“Contact between”

I want to talk about a “contact between”, what are the main factors that occur often or hardly ever. This contact can be given between people, animals and plants, and could be called enchantment or “falling in love”. How can the “contact between” be possible?, Is it the beauty of the object or are the opened eyes and heart of the subject?, Is it a contact a surprise gift or you can look for it? The contact happens in time. It is not for ever, nevertheless, there are kinds of contact that seem to be for eternity. You can remember them, but you can’t put them in a box, trying to do this can kill them. You can dance with them, but you can’t put them in a prison. To love everything and every person without possession is a gift for you and for the people you love. Dance is a good methaphor to explain “contact between”. First, you ask your partner if he wants to dance with you. If he refuses, you couldn’t make contact with him. Secondly, your steps and movements have to be delicate and you should ask your partner how he likes to dance; he will always be the “other” and not part of you. Thirdly, the other moves and you can be delighted with the breeze of his dance, you can follow him and sometimes, give a little step and enter into the grace of his beauty. Something is happening, “the between” appears, creating beauty, energy and life. The “Contact between” is possible when both, subject and object are opened to the “other”, every day expecting for a miracle, for a sort of magic moment :When you touch and are touched by the eyes, heart, skin, words, happiness or sadness, when you and the other can smile and blossom like a flower. The flower is born, grows and dies. You and the other are alone and the contact is only for a moment, if he really is the other, he will look for his own way, and maybe you want to follow his steps, but you have to look for your own way too. The “contact between” ends, you can remember it, create words, stories, dreams around, but it’s gone. A new “contact between” could be possible again if you are open, and it could never be the same.