My Passions: art; activism; ecology;sustainable living

My Challenges: being patient and accepting that real change is sometimes slow

My Vision for the Future: Working toward better things

My Areas of Expertise: vision and tenacity; writing, photography and other art forms


Welcome to PulseWire and the engaged community of women around the world who have similar passions, challenges and visions as you! Already, you will see that many have the same vision for the future as you.

I'd be curious to learn what the future would look like to you. If you care to share, you might want to post some words in your journal. It's kinda like a blog.

I also encourage you to check-out other parts of this website. You might find a group that resonates with you that you could join ( This is where specific topics or actions can be shared.

Wherever your explorations lead you, I know you will enjoy the warmth of this community! In Peace, Marlies

Hello and welcome to PulseWire! I hope you consider filling out more of your profile so we can learn more about you and your interests. We have an amazing community of inspiring members posting from all over the world and I know you will find a lot of support here. Let me know if you have any questions about PulseWire and I will help you get started. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Be well,

MichelleWorld Pulse Technology Associate