I believe that addressing violence against women is critical for a safe, peaceful, and prosperous world. If you look at places around the world like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where violence against women is at its worst, the consequences are terrible. In the DRC women are not safe and are at constant risk of being raped, mutilated, and/or killed. In a society like this women cannot be equal and the women as well as the society as a whole are left terrorized and deeply hurt. I believe that we must let the world know that such violence against women is not ok, it is not acceptable. We must address violence against women, where ever it takes place, to send the message worldwide that it is not acceptable and that women are equal and safe everywhere. I don't think it needs to be said that when women are safe, equal, and granted equal opportunities, societies and countries will benefit enormously.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to The International Violence Against Women Act.

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Thank you for participating in the IVAWA letter writing campaign and for sharing your voice and your personal testimony with President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and members of the US Senate on the urgency of ending violence against women.

We sent copies of your letter in packages, along with your fellow PulseWire members', to these key decision makers, and I am excited to announce that on December 15, the International Violence Against Women Act was approved by the Foreign Relations Committee! Our voices were effective in supporting this bill!

Next step for the bill: Get passed by the Senate and House by the end of the year. I will keep you updated!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade Frank

Online Community Manager World Pulse