The Untold Story of a Girl Child

Posted April 14, 2018 from Nigeria

The innocent and pure,

An enchantress and  an allure,

Flawless in her green flowery dress,

Gorgeous hair as a crown on her head, 

A reflection of the little fairy-tale Mermaid,

Beauty from nature, so true and pure.


A poignant stare into her soulful brown eyes,

returns an asinine stare,

One devoid of innocence, nothing of love,

bare hatred, betrayal, confusion and distrust.

She is only but eight years young!


Do you know her story? Here you are...

The innocent and pure,

Depraved of innocence, ripped off infant purity, 

Angels and Demons, her Angels were Demons.

Son of Adam! What was her sin?

She is the one with the sober eyes,

The one with a gloomy heart.

Father, Brother, Friend, Confidant! Robbers of purity!

What wickedness have you caused this beautiful soul?


Who would return her innocence, her purity, her pride?

What atonement can be done for her Love lost?

How can she trust again?

Rise damsel rise

Take my hands.

It is us against the world,

You and I.


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Rathin Bhattacharjee
Apr 14, 2018
Apr 14, 2018

Dear Goldenstar,
It's a lovely poem. I like especially the last four lines.The short line length, the diction and the message conveyed through your poem, is just out of the ordinary.
Keep writing and winning hearts. All the best for all your future endeavours.


Apr 15, 2018
Apr 15, 2018

This is lovely feedback, Rathin:) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Apr 16, 2018
Apr 16, 2018

Dear Rathin

I am overwhelmed by the feedback I got from you. I am glad you understood the message behind each words.

Thank you,

Tamarack Verrall
Apr 15, 2018
Apr 15, 2018

Dear Goldenstar,

This photo took me right away to the time I was offered candy in a park at the age of 6. Your beautifully and powerfully written poem took me to the thousands of stories I have heard, and to the many thousands of girls who will regain their sense of power, innocence and beauty given the chance to read your words. I look forward to more of your writing.

In sisterhood,

Apr 16, 2018
Apr 16, 2018

Dear Tam,

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am inspired to keep writing knowing I can make a difference.

Ndimofor Aretas
Apr 16, 2018
Apr 16, 2018

Dear Goldenstar,

Your poem paints a thousand pictures in my mind!

The final lines really brings relief and comfort and are a reassurance to the depressed and victims of child abuse.

keep up!

Apr 16, 2018
Apr 16, 2018

Dear Ndimofor,

Thank you for the encouragement. I am glad you understood the message of the poem.