About Me: I am a true Nigerian, an Igbo by tribe, but my advocacy work knows no tribal bounds. I became a journalist just to give voice to voiceless women in various communities in my country. I also became a lawyer in order to defend all the defenseless women, widows, orphans, physically challenged people in and around my local communities. As a journalist, I have been anchoring gender issues on my column, Feminique in the Nigerian Observer newspapers for 15 years, you could check it out on www.nigerianobservernews.com. I held the position of chairperson, Nigeria Association of Women Journalists , Edo state, Nigeria and currently, the Features Editor, the Nigerian Observer newspapers. I have an NGO, Partnership for Women and Justice, PWJ, Nigeria, with its official magazine, Yell! Advocacy Magazine. I work tirelessly to promote all issues that affect women positively, both in health and economic status, while also drawing awareness to those that have negative connotations to their wellbeing. I am a christian, a loving wife and mother.

My Passions: my passion is to help build communities of highly articulate, empowered and self confident women and the girl-child

My Challenges: so many women in my local communities need to be economically empowered, they need women's adult literacy programmes, they desire to learn skills and to sustain their families, they need to beeducated on their fundamental and reproductive rights. we have

My Vision for the Future: I look forward to a future where every woman is fully and truly empowered, economically, educationally and otherwise

My Areas of Expertise: I am a gender advocate, a consumate writer who champions the cause of women and the girlchild through advocacy interventions

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welcome to world pulse community we are also involve in the woman empowerment so it is the right place for you to be since you look forward to a future where every woman is fully and truly economically,educationally and otherwise empowered.we want you to share experiences and solutions for the woman empowerment with us. welcome dear Much love

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