Young women in Zimbabwe need to beginto stand up and claim their rights especially after the recent politically motivated violence. They need your help out ther inany form.

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Hello Grace,

We can't wait to hear the voices of the Young Women In Zimbabwe.

Politically motivated violence is a horror that no country should undergo,after playing her democratic role.It should come to a stop! We experienced it here in Kenya early after our elections in December last year and its negative effects continue to be felt here everyday.

Our rights must be respected the world over!

Welcome here,Grace!

Warm regards, Leah Auma Okeyo.

Grace, wonderful to see you here! I was just reading about young Zimbabwe women and girls and how they are at extreme risk right now. I believe the site I was looking at was the Girl Child Network (

Do you, or your organization, have suggestions about what we as a community can do to help?

Welcome Grace,

The situation in Zimbabwe has become so abhorrent that I wonder if the international community has the strength to face it. The post election violence that erupted has left a humanitarian disaster of catastrophic proportions. I work for the World YWCA and we have done a lot of advocacy work this year around Zimbabwe and Kenya , I would be happy to share some links with you if you are interested.

I'd love to hear more about your experiences with the recent violence. What exactly has been going on? What can young women in Zimbabwe and/or around the world do to help?