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there is nothing called LOVE this is not a south Africa women story this is my friend sister one this is what i have learned from my friend sister it's all start when my friend called my at 3:am to ask me about a message that i send to her ((annoying person huh)) and in the middle of our speaking she told me that her sister husband died yesterday in a car accident ((don't you shocked that my friend call me to ask me about the message not to tell me about her sister dead husband because i knew from her voice that she don't care really so she thought that i don't care also ))any way what really shocked me more that my friend sister wedding didn't last for tow weeks and she was truly love her husband so so crazy and i know that this is not that big deal to write about but what make me come her to write about is after 4 month from her husband dieing her husband mother wanted from (mhaa) this is the girl name to marry her husband brother ,,,,!! just think about this and i asked my friend are she want this she told me no she dont want to but this is not her choice and i screamed on her how could you she were love her husband how she could marry his brother that every time she well look at his face she well see her husband one then my friend say that his mother says that the girl who her sun loved there is no one strange going to touch her (mhaa) say that she dont want to get married again but no body believe her and she well get marry after 2 month from her husband brother and she told me .. forget that there is nothing called love believe me you just going to get hurts

> don't you think if mhaa had little bet of Insistence she wasn't going to get married of that guy dont you think so and now mhaa spots to get a happy life

hafsah khlid almohrib

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Thank you for writing this. Its really sad and depressing but its the attitude of the people who practice this that makes it last.When people ignore the feelings of the women who must go through this, it allows the practice to persevere and become even deeper rooted.

I am sincerely sorry for your friend's sister, I really hope there was someone to stop them from making her marry him if she is not interested

Thanks Hafsa for sharing this!

There are two major issues in this story: one is that Maha's family's opinion is kind of absent as if they agree to slaughter their daughter with this unwanted marriage. Second , what if Maha just says that she does not want to get married ? I know problems will be like rain on her head , but at the end she can decide how to shape her life and how to end up. If Maha is an educated girl , she can start her own life, may be away of her family for a while. Then , they will accept her back when she makes her concrete life and becomes independent.

In my opinion, Women can be free if they wish to because barriers are only virtual and temporary. We always have solutions , but first we should be solid enough to think about the problem!


Sahar Nuraddin

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welcome this is my I am pleased that you feel it this story really Left a mark on my heart because every time this girl well look at that guy face she well be more Misery i dont think that there is some one well stop the wedding no one care about the feeling any more

well sahar mahaa is a educated girl ... but if she say that she dont wont to get marry of that guy atAt least they well make her live in hell .. and it's not that much easy what you say it's a Possible to happen but it is also Possible to not happen me tow i had you same ideas that she can say no and die it's better than say yes and live in a sadness for the rest of her life women can be free but the community wont mercy her and she well live in biggest hell

Dear all, Thanks Hafsah for sharing the story and Sahar’s comment is, I feel, the same with my opinion. My believe is that basically we have to know exactly about Maha's wish to the marriage and it is the most important factor in this case. If she really and certainly does not want to get married with the guy, she has the right to refuse it. She must persist for not only herself but also for the entire women group in her community as a symbolic figure. We, women ourselves, have to create a positive change for our future. We have to struggle to end those kinds of force marriage that are still alive in this century. We have to defend our right. Personally, I think Maha also should request from those whom she can trust and feel respect. And If she can access a counselor to disclose her feelings, it is an advantage. I wish she could have good fortune to stay accordingly as she actually wish. Best regards, Pollen @ Shwe Wutt Hmon

Shwe Wutt Hmon

well shew first thank you for sharing us your voice in this then well to tell you the basically mhaa she don't want to get marry of any guy after her husband ' yes she has the right to refuse but Her parents, dont believe in this so she must do it me to me to shew i want her to talk to refuse to say this is my life this is my choice this is my future am the how going to live in this not you but not every body is strong like us shew we are respect from our family if we wanted th talk there is some one well hear us but not every one is like us shew

thank you again hony ,,,^_^

hafsah ... we have the right to speak