The increasing threats facing our mother earth are not new. An emergent action is needed to preserve the earth's limited resources and meet challenges facing the future generation.

Although the relation that links us to the earth is similar to that links us to our dear mothers, we are still turning a blind eye on the alarming damage and reacting like rebellious sons.

In the past, unanimous consensus proved to be successful when taken against transmittive diseases, why not to be taken again to halt, the race towards industrialization and economic growth, which has casted its heavy shadow on the earth's presence and future. Bio carbon emission, green house, and the wide spread of incurable diseases are on the rise.

Sustaining the earth`s limited resources for the coming generation is the big challenge that needs a sincere unanimous consensus. Any failure to introduce sustainable development which recognizes, among others, an improvement in standards of living will bring the world to square one. Whilst dealing with limited resource preservations, different factors should be taken into account, in the light of the growing concerns, especially increase in population.

Firstly, since the creation of Adam and his Eve, the earth surface has remained the same. Nothing changed except for the unprecedented increase in the population's number of hungry people. From the 7 billion inhabitants, one billion are hunger and malnutrition stricken. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Oganisation (FAO) three years ago, the number is on the RISE.

Secondly, the policy adopted by industrialized and developed countries affect the future of those yet to be born. The signing of the World Summit, Rio De Janero, 1995 as well as the Kyoto Protocol for combating the climate change remains dead letters as far as they are not fully implemented.

Finding lasting solution is not difficult, but there is need for sincere commitment for the people's common good. T he negative effect produced as a result of heavy industries whether in Asia or America or my grandfather's axe in a remote forgotten area affects the whole world. We are one family on this earth." If a member of the body suffers, the whole body becomes ill" Quran and the Bible acknowledge that.

Encouragement of innovative experiences that help finding a way out of the bottle neck is needed.

As a student of Training For Transformation" program (TFT), my 21-day stay at the Grail Centre in the green mountainous Kleinmond, Western Cape, South Africa, has put me face to face with the use of solar energy to preserve the rich environment there. I have the opportunity to evaluate this system. In my point of view the Grail's experience can contribute greatly in solving the chronic problem of a clean atmosphere, especially as the price of solar panel decreases. The growing number of international "Grailians" receiving (TFT), can transfer the experience to other parts of the world.