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Web 2.0... What a heavenly a surprise! I came across it just by chance. One evening I found an advertisement in IJNET weekly bulletin in my email. And since that time I logged in, it became my favored companion. It lit the days of my life. I feel that a window for knowledge opens and calls me to go through. This journey, however, takes me from the past, through the presence up to the awesome future.

For different reasons, I consider my self the luckiest beneficiary. This page, however, brought me back, after ten years, to writing and in English rather than Arabic, my mother tongue. Communicating with journalists and media women pumped new blood into my veins and led me forward. Articles written and shared by future applicants are the first manifestation of power. The power of word. In this way, I feel that there is an unseen bond that nurtures between these courageous women and me. It develops and flourishes every second. Through this Website I can exchange information, share Knowledge, networking and evaluating the situation of woman worldwide. I am on the right track. No impossible under the sun.

Through this page women laid down the foundation stone for breaking the silence, exchanging views and seek solutions for common chronic issues. This is what is going on and what is going to be.

There is a proverb says that "Those who can not feed themselves alone would not satisfy". No one is capable of understanding and reflecting difficulties facing women to the outside world, better than us.

This tool is the suitable means of communication. It abolishes distances, ethnic and religious differences. It speaks one language. The language of evolution. You and I equal one. No one is capable to speak out for us except us. I feel that, as women, we should face and address difficulties that hinder us and try to open bridges and channels of communication with other women. The way of communication followed here helps us in unifying our efforts, bringing closer our views and push us to find to work out plans for future development.

Improving the situation of women is one of the utmost goals of this engine. This constitutes the first step in a thousand-mile journey. I am happy to be part of this. Enthusiastic to communicate. Ready to shoulder the task.

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I like sharing this journey with other woman and enjoy reading their excitement about it and how we can change things by working together. I also feel like I have taken my first step to actually creating the better world I want for my daughters. I love the positive energy I feel and love seeing others are feeling it too.

What is that you are wearing, it is gorgeous!


Hi Maria

Thank you so much for your concern about what I am wearing. This the Sudanese National Dress. It is called thawb. It is worn by the majority of Sudanese regardless of their ages, and in all seasons.. It is length about 4.5 meters. Width varies between 120-150 cm. A lady wraps her body from the head down to the toes. Normally it is made of cotton or silk etc.. The most expensive dress is normally imported from Europe, Asia and Gulf countries. It has it has its cultural symbolism .. The white thawb for working places, mourning or guise of austerity. The red for marriage and happy occasions..etc.


Hello there,

I'm not really from Tuti, but my cousin's wife is from there and I want to spend a lot of time there because I think it's soo cool and pretty and the locals are sweet:)