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Halima Rahman
Posted July 2, 2009 from Sudan
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I apologize for sending this so late. I planned to interview two women with great academic records and social achievements. One of them pulled out at the last moment. Luckily I managed to overcome the difficulties that faced me along the process of this interview and finished it successfully.

Before submitting the final assignment, I would like to introduce the woman whom I interviewed. Dr. Mustafa Sudanese-born and Austrian nationality, is one of African migratory masterminds. She is a multi-talented and professional woman.

A mother, lecturer, researcher, journalist, writer, poet pioneer and consultant for Intervention Centre for Victims of Trafficking in Women (Lefoe-IBF) based in Austria.

She is a founding member of the "Black Women's Community for Self-Help and Peace, based in Austria.

She also fought illiteracy among women in her homeland, where she helped in rehabilitating and extending the building of two schools. Dr Mustafa has also established a center for rural development of which 8 villages were beneficiaries

Ishraga is a pioneering woman in every aspect. She has given more than 200 lectures, workshops and conferences on topics of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), reproductive Health, and war and conflict in Africa.

She is member of numerous NGO organizations locally and internationally.

Her efforts have been internationally recognized. She was awarded many prizes topped by the (Herta Pammer Award) of the Catholic Women's Movement for her work on women.

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  • Obisakin Busayo
    Jul 02, 2009
    Jul 02, 2009

    Hi Halima, Dr Mustafa is a remarkable woman, I am sure we are going to enjoy reading your interview with her and we are going to learn a lot of lessons from her. Thanks for bringing her to our community. It is good to hear your voice again during the conference of today. It was a wonderful and rewarding time with Cristi.

    Warm regards Busayo

  • Halima Rahman
    Jul 22, 2009
    Jul 22, 2009

    Dear Busayo,

    Thank so much for reading my post and making this nice informative comment. Me too I was so delighted to hear your voice. I recognized it before having heard you pronounce your name, during the evening session of the skype conference. By the way Ishraga (this her first name), follows this website too, she admires your fight for your rights.

    Dear sis what you don't know that Ishraga herself led a fierce struggle to build her future. She sold tea and food to fund her studying, she also worked as a housekeeper and a waitress to win her bread, when she was a higher studies student in Vienna. Both of you are GREAT WOMEN.