The Power of Passion

hanaa ali
Posted August 18, 2010 from Egypt

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton Finding a path that deviates outside of the conventional oppressed society. Finding a path will eliminate fear and doubt about tomorrow. Finding a path will make you special and different from normal washed up people. After finding the path comes Passion, which has an infinite power that can eradicate weakness and illuminate potent and will. Passion is our flare inside in the soul, the flare that never blink, always burning with the strongest desire to get what you want, and if what you is a Path then your Passion and your path could work together in achieving your Dream and Purpose in life. So the theory is simple, first: Find a Path Then, Let your Passion to cooperate with your Path idea, meaning, you have to believe in it with all your strength and will. And most importantly you have to badly and miserably want it, become obsessed with your path, visualize and imagine and see yourself getting what you want, what you need, what you strive for the most, and make it what simply make you breathe and to survive. Remember Finding a path needs strength and therefore there is no place for weakness and to extract your strength you need passion to enforce power and exterminate weakness and fear, and that will lead us to the third point, which is Confidence. Once you knew your path and fed it with your passion, confidence will show up knocking on your door, knock knock. Now your job is open that door for confidence to enter, and that’s when most of the people get afraid of opening the door because they get scared from change. Because confidence when you allow it to enter and open that door for it, it would in some cases change everything about you, but of course you have to allow it to change by simply opening. As simple as it sounds, it’s not, people don’t want to change, they just want to get what they want without realizing that change is a must in order to get close to what you want. That’s why if really want your path really miserably you would have no choice but opening that door for confidence to get in, meaning; change. So the equation so far is: PATH + PASSION (BELIEVE) = CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE + PATH (PASSION) = PURPOSE

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