Posted February 3, 2011 from Jordan

Letter from me to anyone who care! Just updating

We still uncertain about anything regarding when and where we will punish, But we are focused on one thing "CHANGE"

As a girl in the JORDAN community being involved in politics is something prohibited and being originally from Palestine makes my situation is red flag for government.

Working in my community to achieve change is so slow to happen with the molded minds on traditions and misunderstanding of religion which is something give you freedom not put you in a closed box.

Egyptian friend that day told me that the most freighted thing and I do agree with her... Is what next? And who is next?

Am writing this in the time of the vague... Apologize about the language but we are looking for more because what we have is not enough at all specially the women, but one thing AM CERTAIN about JORDAN is in the way to start so pray for us since they are trying to anesthetized us and shut any voices shall speak and express

Peace always power of love not love of power

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