My Passions: world peace; an end to violence; love, care & compassion toward all living things

My Challenges: Finding time outside of working to support my family so I can paint, write, and participate

My Vision for the Future: A world where no one has to live in fear

My Areas of Expertise: web design, listening, art

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Welcome to World Pulse, Hanasazi, where we are always happy to listen and welcome others who do the same. As you have the time, you will find many friends to lift your spirits in the journals of so many women throughout the world.

You are now a part of a thriving grassroots network of women leaders and supporters from more than 190 countries. See the Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

Blessings. Yvette


I appreciate your warm welcome so much, Yvette! Thank you for your encouraging words. I look forward to becoming a more active member of World Pulse at long last and hope I can contribute something of value to the community of women around the world. I hope you will check out my daughter's beautiful posts about getting free from marital abuse. Jennifer Faith is here:

I just took a quick look at your profile and see you have many posts I would like to read. Your interests and concerns about religion and faith show that we have much in common. I think you will appreciate Jennifer's writing very much, as her focus is on how religious beliefs prevent women from escaping abusive marriages, and encouraging them to have faith that God is with them. I have never believed, whatever any church's pastor might say, that Jesus would rather see a woman die at the hands of her husband than to break her wedding vows. I believe that the moment a man lifts his hand against his woman, HE has broken HIS vows, both to his wife and to God, and the woman should be free to go her own way. Jesus' own example was all about love, mercy and compassion toward women. I am so proud that Jennifer not only escaped her life-threatening marriage, but that the journey from bondage to liberty has also brought her into a much closer relationship with the Lord. We are here to overcome, and she is a shining light of overcoming that I hope will give many women the courage to do the same.

Thank you so much for commenting on my journal, and Have a beautiful day!

It's never to late to say a warm welcome. Welcome to World Pulse Super Mum. No doubt, you are a great listener and your voice is already being heard and making a remarkable difference in our community. Keep listening and speaking!

Lots of love, Greengirl

Dear Greengirl, I feel the warmth of your welcome where I am, half a world away from each other, and yet so close from being able to share our hearts. Thank you for your kind words, for your open-hearted support of Jennifer Faith, and for my new name "Super Mum." I truly admire everything you are working for and if I can write anything to encourage you and the other amazing women who are accomplishing so much despite such difficult circumstances, then the results are the only reward I need. I am so happy to be a part of the World Pulse community now, I have found it deeply rewarding to my heart to listen and to share here, and will happily continue as much as I can!