African Story Challenge:up to US$20,000 grants

Posted May 27, 2014 from United States

Cali Gal Michelle just posted this as a Need in the Resource Exchange and I thought of all my amazing sister-friends in Africa who might benefit from participating, so at Michelle's suggestion I'm reposting in case you haven't seen it already. It seems like an incredible opportunity for you!

This is a pan-African, 2-year challenge that encourages innovative, multimedia, solutions-oriented "storytelling" that positively impacts the lives of the African people. Those interested are highly encouraged to read the in-depth description on the website.

To quote from the African Story Challenge site: "The goal of The African Story Challenge is to contribute to the building of a strong media sector able to deliver content that matters to the African public. We are looking for compelling, analytical, investigative and data-driven stories that will help spur better policies and healthier lives, increase transparency, hold officials accountable and disseminate vital information that will lead to more vibrant communities. We encourage entries that will use creative digital tools like mapping, crowd sourcing and visualisation to help tell the story."

How to enter: Link: African Story Challenge

All my African girlfriends have what it takes to do this - Go for it, girls! ♥ Hanasazi

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