Wealth of Women

Posted July 6, 2018 from Tanzania

My definition of wealth is very simple. I refer to wealth as the ability of someone or people to stand for others and uplift them to succeed. As a human being you are wealthier when you consider uplifting other people and contribute to their success by sharing your skills, knowledge, time and experience with them. Considering this definition, every woman in this world is full of wealth. Imagine from the time when our  mothers gave birth to us, they raised our families and yet they had a lot more of other responsibilities to take care of. That is true wealth, as it involves giving not only your time, but your happiness and life for the sake of others in order to fulfil their needs, wants and eventually to make them happy. Our mothers deserve to be the most wealthiest people in the world. Their love, care, humility cannot be compared to any other.

This post was submitted in response to #WealthofWomen.

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