Three young girls were attacked and burned by sulfuric acid

Syed Hassan
Posted July 8, 2010 from Malaysia

Three young sisters were on their way to home when two unidentified men on a bike flung sulfuric acid on them in Katlat town of Balochistan province. Their ages are 14, 16 and 20 years old girls. The three sister’s faces and other parts of their bodies were seriously burned by the sulfuric acid flung on them by the assailant. Twenty years old girl’s burn was the most severe injury and shifted to special burn wards for sensitive treatment in Bolan medical college hospital in Quetta city. This was the second horrified sulfuric acid incident that took place in two weeks against women in Balochistan province of Pakistan. An additional two girls were attacked in Dalbandin town of Balochistan province when two girls were out for their shopping in the city. In the 1st week of April 2010 a new organization called “Baloch Ghairat Mand Group” had issued intimidating letters in Dalbandin town, warning women not to be seen in town for any purpose shopping, picking children from the school etc?

Ending Gender-Based Violence

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