Dr. Abida Hamid was tortured by some police officers male and female in Faisalabad police station. Police torturing TV footage was released by the local news channel where the chief justice of Pakistan justice Iftikhar M. Choudary has personally noticed the torture fact carried by the police officers.

Dr. Abida was sternly hit to the ground in presence of police officers in Faisalabad police station. While the high rank police colleagues male and female were taking pleasure of Dr. Abida’s distress scene.

Human humiliation action carried out by Pakistan police was already a common scene and subject to hear and watch in the print and electronic media but in recent years the inhuman act of police has much increased.

Two female police women Deputy Superintendent Police and Station Home Officers Zahida Perveen are suspended were also in attendance on the shameful occasion where they were enjoying the humiliation view.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence.