Fiaza is 14 years old girl; she belongs from very poor family and studies in class 5th. The helpline counselor assumed that indeed Faiza needed all these assistance not only from Psycho Social support but also a Medical and legal Support too. It was 9am in the morning when Fiaza took her cousin Amna for admission in one of the government school. After admitting her in school she took a local bus number QA-1760 at 9.45 am to return home; on her way she met one elder woman who shook hand with her in the bus for friendship. The lady has started soft, mild and friendly conversation with Fiaza and this conversation meant to express her harmony and sympathy to her. After some time the lady had offer Fiaza to have some sip of juice from a bottle that she was caring with her. Fiaza had rejected her offer by not drinking the juice but the lady insisted very politely that I am not only your friend but your elder sister, don’t be shy its hot in here and you need some thing to drink that will fresh you up, thus Fiaza had some sip of that juice in which she felt dizziness at 1st and later unconscious. Since she was in the state of unconsciousness thou she did not know where she is and what is happening. When she gained conscious and opened her eyes though she had found herself all alone in a very remote area surrounded with mountains and being sexual abused “Raped”. However gradually, Fiaza had picked herself and start walking towards the road. She stop’s a vehicle and asked for a lift. There was an old man who was driving that vehicle with a young man beside him. Fiaza had asked the old man to drops her some where in cantt in Shah Store where my home is located. The old man stop’s his car and gave Fiaza a ride all the way to town.

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In actual fact, Faiza need medical attention first and that should be given by any gynecologist in a government hospital where there are no Child Sexual abuse response team. In the mean time, she should be able to do with available psychosocial support and the issue of of legal support may be a bit hard if she cannot describe or give useful information about the perpetrator.

All the same, the best thing to do is to alert other children in that area, to beware of any strange, too nice individual who lure children into strange friendship.....This should not be mistaken for the fact that only strangers abuse children because the majority of abused children are raped/assaulted by someone known and trusted by the victims.

In the same vein, we all should bear in mind that every responsible adult in the community should strive to protect children, it is the only duty we owe them and God, for humankind shall one day be accountable to her creator.

Do Good. In secret or open. That is my advise to everybody.

Thanks so much for this post, it is so moving and I pray that God will grant Faiza supernatural healing. When the physical healing of sexual violence is done, that is when the psychological trauma begins...she needs all the support that can be garnered by advocates in the community.

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