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Syed Hassan
Posted July 8, 2010 from Malaysia

“Karokari” means killing woman in the name of honor. These types of decision are mostly taking place in “Jirgas” where the entire village men accumulate to judge the cases of a woman for committing adultery and announce the decision, and that is precise a brutal death. In a simple word it means to blame a woman for some thing that she has never committed. It is only the husband or in law family who wants to get rid of his wife or their bride due to fresh marriage proposal from wealthier family. For Karokari the villagers form a “Jirga” that would conduct a trial. The “Jirga fixes an amount to deposit in “Jirga’s” treasury to run a trial of a accused woman for committing adultery in which the husband, father, brother, brother in law or father in law file’s a case against his daughter, wife etc. The men are bound to follow and act according to “Jirga’s” rule. A preplan proposal about horrified penalty and money distribution has been already shaped in the “Jirga” before the beginning of the trial for the victim. The money distribution is been already shaped and divided its share for the “Jirga’s” senior element to the police department. Buying police department mean not take notice of the crime they will be committing or have already committed. Thirty percent of lump sum amount would set off for the police department in which the police are bound not to register the murder case against those who have committed the crime the (First Information Report). And at the end the entire murdering story of an innocent woman get obscured.

Ending Gender-Based Violence

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  • Olutosin
    Jul 09, 2010
    Jul 09, 2010

    Early this year, a Non Governmental Organization we were supposed to visit in India but could not visit them due to logistic reasons, researched honour/marriage related death in just 2 hospitals in Bangalore alone and discovered that 56 women died in marriage/honor related killings. What I refuse to understand now is what can be done, what is not being done and is it possible that this is how it will continue?

    Imagine a woman, who is innocent, kneeling at the center of a village and being stoned to death by her loved one.Think about the future of the children who watched this violence being perpetrated by their father, how will you end war when all the world is doing is fanning the flame of it s fire, we are raising children without conscience. Neither the builder (guardian) nor the raised (child) is with conscience, yet the world wants peace.

    Somewhere, somehow, sometime, the blood of the innocent will cry for vengeance.

  • Syed Hassan
    Jul 09, 2010
    Jul 09, 2010

    The most horrific act stoned to death. In few days Sakina and Mohammad will be facing this horrified penalty set by the Iranian government. we must all stand firm and go for petition that may save their lives.

  • Rita Banerji
    Jul 09, 2010
    Jul 09, 2010

    It is almost the same story in India. Specially over the last year or so because of the weakness of the government, the numbers of "honor" killings in India have increased and are now also occuring in the cities. These are homicides -- and no prefixes should be added. That is the only way. Murder is murder.