Pakistan is the land of fear with immense natural resources and lack of literacy and extreme poverty. Almost 35% of economy still reliance on Illegal economy organized by the corrupted politicians and its transnational organized crime gang from Afghanistan to the west. The high season of illegal economy was during ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tuner that let the gang of Taliban to expand the growing of poppy seeds in Afghanistan in 1990s. Large quantity of poppy seeds was smuggled to the west through transnational gang from Germany, Italy former Yugoslavia, Turkish and the Russians Mafias that let hundreds of youth mess up in the West from this transgression. The source of money transitional was the HAWALA system. The Hawala system is an other type of illegitimate banking system formed from the Muslim world. The Hawala system is a key resource of the transgression, transferring their black money from origin to the destination. In1990s Hawala system business in Pakistan was on peak where the entire banks of Pakistan was set aside advised by the Pakistan government not to get involved in illegal banking business. This advise came after having a bad experience from the BCCI bank founded by Agha Hassan Abdi in the UAE that was found on transferring the entire black money from South America to the USA and Europe. The BCCI bank's illegal activity let the world leader and the Muslim world to prefer the alternative source of transferring the black money rather then legal resources for the Mujahideen, terrorist formed and organized in Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight the ex-Soviet Union. Billions of USA dollars were gained from the drug trade transferred from...... to facilitate and bear the Mujahideen's, terrorist expenditure on the war against Ex-Soviet Union and today's the USA. As a journalist I recall the time I witnessed during my report in Hawala Bazaar in Peshawar city of Pakistan where I have found hundreds of Hawala trader transferring millions of the USA currency/ black money carried on the pushcart from one shop to other.