How expensive can be a simple No ?

Heena Yusuf
Posted July 1, 2013 from India

Do we people really understand the meaning of the word "No" ? Today's generation is more smart and can decide between Yes and No . But at times what can be the cost of two letter word No. In the world's largest democratic country an 18 years old college student was forced to inhale poison for dropping down the marriage proposal of a man, a lorry driver from her locality.

Girl has been hospitalized and the man is on run. Probably not probably definitely once the girl recovers her parents will stop her college have her married to the best man they lay their hands on in a way stopping her from achieving her dreams of her education or to be some at some time. Inspiring others parents from the area to keep there daughters with in the boundaries of their four walls.

Due to any reason when a girl child leaves her house parents always tell her to walk properly and take care of her self and when a boy child goes out he is never told not eve tease or stare any girl. Why so that we always emphasized to teach more to our girls and not to our boys.

Why so when an 18 years well educated girl rejects to marry a lorry driver she was tried to killed. There are so many Why's that need to be answered but who is really answerable to these why's ?

People say the country is still developing we will take time to develop. I wonder if the development of infrastructure and the increase in economy will the change the mind set of people wondering if increase in country's GDP will make people understand the simple difference between Yes and No.

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  • pelamutunzi
    Jul 02, 2013
    Jul 02, 2013

    you are right how expensive is a no. the same happens in Zimbabwe where men say women never say no so when you do they think you are just shy to say yes. are they saying we cant think and many times when the men realize the women really means no they become abusive and violent