A letter from Grace Muthoni

Hekima Place
Posted July 16, 2013 from Kenya
Grace Muthoni
Grace Muthoni
Grace Muthoni (1/1)

I joined Hekima on Jan 6 in the year 2006 after my Mum died in 2005. I had no hope in life. I was planning to go and be a worker in someone's house or do anything that would provide my two younger sisters with food and as their mum - to send them to school. But thanks to the Almighty through Mum Kate, one day while I was cleaning, a person came and told me that my sisters and I are going to join school in January.

The biggest change in my life is that I have done my primary level education and high school. Now I am awaiting university. Since coming to Hekima Place, I have never slept hungry, lacked school fees, clothing, and more so, where to sleep. Not only education have I been given, but also I have been taught to be a woman of substance and speak my mind and how to express myself in front of people which I was never taught before. Hekima Place is not a home of orphans but my home where I have Mums and Dads, not forgetting my lovely sisters of which I am proud.

We also have security that the girls out in the street do not have. This means we are protected from things like: rape, circumcision, early marriages, immoral behaviors, and the use of drugs due to peer pressure. Now that I am joining university, I know what my rights are as a girl and I am responsible enough to do things by myself. This is what Hekima, my home, has taught me.

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  • EK. Chemorion
    Jul 17, 2013
    Jul 17, 2013

    Hekima place,

    You are wonderful people. I have heard of many other testimonies of children you have cared for, protected, educated, mentored, Just like Muthoni.

    I am proud of you and really thank God for the security, counsel, opportunity and hope that you give to the homeless and hopeless insecure children in my country.

    We need to have many institutions doing the same.

    Very grateful for the lives you touch and transform for better.