Gender balance in all works of life

miriam Heyva'ai
Posted October 27, 2010 from Solomon Islands

Solomon islands was one of the country in the pacific that has yet to fully recognized the importance and contributions of woman in its contemporary modern society.In all works of life Solomon islands women are still treated as second option.But with the help of the young woman's christian association ( YWCA),voice blo mere Solomon( VBMS) and other NGOs,there's a green light for woman's voices to be heard and be recognized.many woman in the Solomon islands has great ideas,skills,and knowledge to share but we never have the open opportunity to do so as often we may wish to we kindly urge other women on pulse wire to help us to raise our voices high.

Otherwise we owe our earnest happiness and thank you for the YWCA,Voice Blo mere solomons and other NGOs for their persuasive initiative hard work in encouraging young woman to raise their voices.

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