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Posted March 26, 2014 from Palestine

The issue of participation of Arab women in general and the Palestinian issue , especially in the new emerging policy . The need to keep up with other nations , which is well under way in the integration of women in various areas of life, in addition to the natural need that leave in the contribution of half the society were becoming a key continuing down to the involvement of women in various spheres of life , especially the political sphere.

Wa must be noted here that the Palestinian women was a partner of a man in politics in the political community , but since the exercise was a partner of this partnership from the perspective of cryptic limited being a wife or a mother , or even associates .

Since the Palestinian society now has been taken and gather on a political goal and one which is building an independent Palestinian state to serve the people of Palestine , and since this is the people in Kan is composed of men and women has become Lama and to be necessary not to ignore the Palestinian women as a partner is essential in decision-making and nation-building .

Was probably realize the importance of this review is based on national citizenship as a basis instead of adopting the soldiers is the catalyst that called many of the local pressure groups to work in order to enact laws that reservation for women at least , even if the quota for political participation . This was the most important step which led to the legislation quota laws . It is the laws that ensured for women 's share of the post in the Legislative Council , municipalities and local councils. This experiment has been started since 2004 . Indeed , many women joined the Legislative Council and the municipal councils in the step considered a positive step and many essential for change and integration of women in Palestinian politics as a true partner in the political decision-making .

But this step is not enough, because the participation rate of women is still very low compared to men not to mention the quality in many areas. Valenzerp to women failed to reach the minimum acceptable are still many women are reluctant to fight in politics , either because their knowledge of reality is frustrating or control imposed by the male members of their families are those of control that gives them power in the report instead of the mirror if it was good for her to enter the political framework whether at the municipal level or join parties .

This is not surprising in light of the cultural and social system prevalent in many Palestinian areas. With this in mind should actually work to find the faith and engages the national and popular woman as a partner and an actual Lech formality in its being a citizen has the right to enjoy equal rights with men .

There are many things that should be taken into account during the process of finding a true partner to the man in the political process . One of these things demonstrate successful models of participation and research into the causes of success. On the other hand , some models show is successful and look at the challenges faced by those experiences .

It is important to note that the integration of Palestinian women in politics does not mean that become all Palestinian women politicians , but I mean it and I think I agree with the Palestinian vision in what we call him from political participation for women is the political empowerment of women are equal to men and make way for women to enter into politics . It also means the age of some of the laws that protect and ensure this review that women marginalized element to some extent , taking into account the cultural context, which coincided with the Palestinian people .

Since we consider the perspective of the theoretical and practical and proven as the experiences of many people in the process of building the state that men and women are real partners must also include awareness of men . Because the man is often one and perhaps prohibitive obstacles preventing post the quality of women in the political sphere.

And probably thrown the brunt of some women who were able , despite a lot of challenges involved , because they sound that can be struggling for other women and they hand you could stretch to help and guide the many women who possess abilities that qualify them for active participation , but for one reason or another may Tosrn in the way.

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