Sisters, STOP holding grudges against each other!

Otto Mponda
Posted April 11, 2013 from United Kingdom
Otto Tendayi Mponda
Otto Tendayi Mponda
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Written by Otto Tendayi Mponda

Some blood sisters never get along at all. Mostly because of un- compromised personal differences and sibling rivalry. But, I believe that as blood sisters you need to patch up your differences in good time and be supportive of one another, regardless of who might be better than the other. A good example comes from the well known sisters in women's international tennis, Serena and Venus Williams, popularly known as the Williams sisters. Although they might have their differences that we never get to hear of off court, their support towards one another on court be it in their doubles matches or individual matches is just amazing. And people still wonder as to why they are the world's best in what they do. It's in their sisterly bond, which truly symbolizes the epitome of sisterhood.

Another good example of sisters who really support one another are the popular American female musicians Beyonce and Solange Knowles. These two sisters always have each other's back and are forever rallying behind one another in support of their various individual projects. This surely shows that as sisters, you need to love each other heartily and unconditionally. Such that if one is no more, you do not have to wonder why you had spent all those wasted years not talking. Probably because of a mere dispute or past childhood grudges, some of which could have been settled with a simple kindness and a bit of understanding from both parties. But instead left to build up for so long over the years to the extent of no longer seeing each other eye to eye. Only to be occasionally united by family deaths or funerals of very close loved ones. Which is so sad really as I see sisterhood as such a blessing.

Not that I'm trying to be judgemental or anything. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm just of the idea that if you hate your own blood sister to the point of not talking for years how then can you surely extend any sisterly love to your fellow women communal wise? Without any doubt, such a gesture would not be credible. Instead, love your sister at her worst as much as you might love her at her best as this will gain you respect, dignity and honour among your fellow women. Who would surely reciprocate the love you give them knowing that it's genuinely coming from a hearty place within as evidenced by how well you relate to your own flesh and blood.

Please don't let sisterly rivalries reach unimaginable depths. Instead, let your utterances be the ones that create peace among selves than forester tensions. It makes life far more meaningful and fulfilling.

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  • Aminah
    Apr 13, 2013
    Apr 13, 2013

    " love your sister at her worst as much as you might love her at her best"

    That's such a simple way to say so many more. In that one line alone lies the secret of communal humanity.

    Through our years together, siblings do come face to face with difficult situations. As you say very rightly, if we can't solve our sisterly, sibling rivalries, how can one start to understand the rest of the people, rest of the humanity.

    Keep on spreading the love.

    Regards Aminah

  • Maya Norton
    Apr 13, 2013
    Apr 13, 2013

    The next thing you'll advise is to stop gossiping! Really now. :)

    I'll stop calling you Hillary now that I've found out your name is Otto. Glad to see you added your real name. There is much to be proud of here.

    ~ Maya

  • Otto Mponda
    Apr 15, 2013
    Apr 15, 2013

    Many thanks Aminah and Maya for all your insightful comments. All your support makes me wanna shout even louder in my advocacy for true sisterhood and women empowerment. Many thanks.