Providing young girls with Defence Awareness Tactics may be ideal in this day and age!

Otto Mponda
Posted May 7, 2013 from United Kingdom
Otto Tendayi Mponda
Otto Tendayi Mponda
Otto Tendayi Mponda (1/1)

I was really inspired to write this short piece by a real life event that recently occurred in my community, whereby a young girl managed to save herself from being a victim of a gang rape by a group of young men through using the self defense skills that she had learnt from her Defense Awareness Tactics Club at secondary school to which she had enrolled herself much to the disapproval of her father. This inspired me to urge parents out there to encourage their young adolescent girls of school going age to enroll in self defense classes not only as a way of encouraging them to exercise, but also encouraging them to be able to protect themselves in dangerous situations like the one above, as well as boost their personal development and self confidence.

In the same vein, when it comes to younger girls like those in nursery and primary schools who might not be of age to grasp self defense in physical form, it may be best to educate them on what physical abuse is and its many forms, it is also advisable to teach them not to talk to strangers as well as who to tell if ever they experience physical abuse at home or at school. Lets advise them young as this is the level of awareness that we need every girl child to have. As I believe this can go a long way in safeguarding them from many forms of future abuse in our immediate communities.

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