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My challenges and barriers to create change in my community as following: Culture: younger should show respect to the older, follow what the old advice by not ask too much questions or confront wi…

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Injustice for Women: Spending Almost Her Whole Life for family

I understand you and your mother situation. I really proud to see you are strong. 4 year ago, my father used to betray my mother, he has a young women outside,and he try to hid with telling a lie sever time, finally it was true. My mother really upset and they used to be in the quarrel many times.As a daughter, I really worry when my mother called to me and let me know about that. It is the relationship that I could not stand still, I went to visit them in the province and find out the truth, I could not sleep properly at night, because a of of thing come to my mind. I wrote a long letter to my farther instead of talking directly, because I did not know how to talk to him, and he would feel embarrass too. I try to motivate him telling him to give up and tune him to see how beauty of harmony family was. At that time I was 6 month pregnant. He would see his grand son soon..... I know that at that time he addict with the photography film. I let him know that, that was not his mistake , human being always did something wrong in their life. I told him that I really respect him and love him, and respect his choice ..... he always a good father to me. Mother sometime mean to him because she love her husband. She really a good wife which always think about family. She spend all her life for working to support family.

I know that this letter is really effective, my father did not talk any thing, but I could feel that he had change, He became to love the family. I know that it is not his mistake, it is because he feel lonely , lack of love, no one care him... or no one encourage him to do a good thing .

So communication and connection and is really important, I try to visit him and altogether with the family to shear our joy to gather , to make him feel safe and respect . Now we forgot every bad memory and we thing about our future. Find any activity that we can do together like Buddhism ceremony ......

I think that peaceful solution is always success. When the problem come out try to stay close to them find way to communicate respectfully and openly.

Good Girl....