A few years ago, when I was working with a foundation that gives grants to organizations working with children and families affected by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, I received a report from a Zimbabwean grantee, which you can read for yourself on how-matters.org. In determining whether to give them a second small grant, aside from the original proposal and financial report, this was all I had to go on. They had not received a site visit from our organization and one was not soon anticipated. 

I ask readers to ponder only one question as you peruse the brief report—would you fund them again?

Let me know why or why not in the comments section or by tweeting @intldogooder #wouldyoufund. A synopsis of the foundation’s funding guidelines for renewal grants is included in the post.

Anti-spoiler alert! You won’t find out whether I decided to fund them or not until my next post on how-matters.org.