Hunger: Women eat last and least

Posted September 12, 2010 from Burma

There is enough food in the world for all people to eat. Because of unequal distribution of wealth over one billion people are feeling hunger. Especially, youth and women are majority.

I have learn that women, even they are main food producer in developing country they are the last person who eat in the family and they eat least.

We have heard from Myanmar society that mother not only eat last as she want her family members to eat first but also she have to eat least as while all other people there is not much food for her.

I am also taking part in youth group who fight for Hunger. You all can learn at

Htaik Seng

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  • Sarvina Kang
    Sep 12, 2010
    Sep 12, 2010

    Hi Htaik,

    Poverty is a terrible thing in the world and people can do everything because of the hunger. In my country Cambodia, the power of hunger always brings them into the wrong way but some also become powerful people because of the poverty can lead them to get success. Thus, hunger is still the worst thing that lead people go into a bad way.

    When i was young, my family was facing with hunger. My parents didn't eat anything alot cos they always kept it for me even that food was so delicious. All times, they had many foods they always asked me to eat first but as i was their daughter, how could i eat before my beloved parents? So everything i said mean i do agree with your post.

    Thanks for sharing it to us! I'm looking to seeing more of your post.....

    Regards, Sarvina