I will make it through the challenges!

Posted September 26, 2011 from Sudan

The country Sudan went through the longest civil war in Africa which ended by the separation of the country into two; on the last July 2011.

And the internal conflicts didn’t stop there, on 2003 the fight explode in Darfur-West Sudan- and it continuous till now, but unfortunately it didn’t stop there also, as after the separating between the North and the South the Sudanese government started harassing the political party that have branch in the South and that end with the ongoing fight in Blue Nile and South Kordofan states.

Moreover the country had been governed by the same military group since 1989 after a coup d’état lead by the present president Omer Hassan Elbashier.

All that end the Sudan in a mess, very low standard of living, catastrophic situation of Human Rights and restrictive the participation in the different level to a small specific group whom are related to the government party.

And because of that the rights awareness is very low, laws are very oppressive, the constabularies are using their authority against the civilians and the Human Rights activists- of course-, women are facing all kinds of Gender based Violence and the systems protecting the aggressors, youth are being aged discriminating, and what is really challenging that the majority of the civilians had lost the interest in change and are feeling the fear.

In term to confrontation all those challenges and barriers, raising the awareness of the people about their rights is very important but it should also come with communities’ mobilization to build the faith into their minds the souls and give them the tools to help them become the change they are looking for inside themselves, advocating for fair laws – polices and participation, fight against all the traditions that consolidate gender inequality and plan for women empowerment and gender mainstreaming through all the above tools and with the help of the regional and international rights movements. Beside that trying to reach the police officers and try to build their sensitivity in Human Rights issues, and work to reach the parliament members to adopt Human – Women Rights issues.

I do believe that the social media are becoming one of the biggest defender s of Human Rights, working as educational tool, truth and information resource, highlighting the urgent situation and working in making strong responsiveness by the change makers.

Getting to know the PulseWire better made me more fixation about my thoughts, to see the huge numbers of incredible women, partners, donors, and the World Pulse team and their great efforts in helping, encouraging, advising and responding to any type of need; make me think to this community as a great opportunity to help in my plans of change.

I can reflect the real situation in Sudan, I can advocate for our Rights, I can share and help other women to be their own voices and the most important that I will learn to be more effective in that.

Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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  • KaitlynMalk
    Sep 30, 2011
    Sep 30, 2011

    I love WorldPulse because I have learned so much about the world through the women who share their stories. Thank you for sharing and keep advocating for your rights... we are supporting you here in the Dominican Republic!


  • pheebsabroad
    Oct 02, 2011
    Oct 02, 2011

    I truly believe the first step in advocating for human rights is finding someone who will speak out. You have to stand up for yourself and for others...and I believe that you have the courage and the strength to make a difference.

  • ck
    Oct 03, 2011
    United States
    Oct 03, 2011

    Hi huda,

    Thank you for describing what is going on in your country. I understand it in more depth now than I did before.

    I hope the community of World Pulse is helpful to you in encouraging your community to believe in and advocate for their rights.