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This project will allow 10,000 women to have greater access and management of their own land. Women are severely disadvantaged under customary law in Cameroon but we aim to sensitize and educate women and the entire community on their rights and how to advocate for them. We will hold multiple training's, workshops and community meetings, we will provide legal advising for women to facilitate civil status certificates and advocate to bring about policy and practice changes with regard to land.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Land is the livelihood of most rural women and access is a major problem in some parts of Cameroon. National legislation in Cameroon is not particularly unfair to women, but traditional law is still practiced in most areas which favors men. Although land may be at the disposal of women for small-scale agriculture, its management cannot entirely be in her hands. This lack of control means that they do not have access or control to the proceeds of agricultural production.

How will this project solve this problem?

If women controlled their land they would have the power to make decisions on the type of investments and its proceeds which can lead to overall poverty reduction and ensure community livelihood. Owning land and thereby making larger profits allows women to have greater access to health care, education, and therefore basic human rights. Through training and workshops women will be aware of their land rights and community members will understand and comply with the legal framework regarding land.

Potential Long Term Impact

We anticipate that in the long run, many more women will be able to own land, food production and security will increase and the basic socio-economic rights of women living in rural areas will be respected as a result of women becoming more empowered and well equipped to meet future challenges. Furthermore, women will be given the legal and structural support they need to assert their rights and have a say in the management of community affairs.

Please go to http://www.humanisright.org/

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