Syrian regime to International Criminal Court

Posted July 22, 2012 from Syrian Arab Republic
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The barbaric campaign by the Syrian regime to wipe out its own people didn't leave nature, history, animals and people. The savage campaign is not only devouring the flesh and blood of many innocent children, women and men, but it is also destroying the green vegetation and nature of Syria, killing live stock and animals, looting people's properties and possessions, and stealing museums and antiquities.

The genocide is still on as I am writing these words, since the 15th of March 2011 Syria has moved from massacre to massacre, started with shooting and ending with shelling entire areas with helicopters and war planes, recently the shelling of the oldest capital in the world Damascus. According to official numbers, more than 19000 were killed, 65000 missing, 200000 imprisoned, more than 100000 are refugees outside the borders of Syria and more than 2 million people are displaced inside the country. The numbers are much more in fact. Right now in Damascus people who flee the areas shelled by heavy artillery are sleeping in the streets.

The Syrian regime not only opened its fire at its people, but also blocked the access to food, water, electricity and fuel. Many crops were burnt to starve people, medical aid is confiscated and field hospitals established by volunteered medics are stormed and the doctors who are caught working in them are killed, maybe their families too. Properties and possession of people who escape their homes or killed are looted as spoils of war.

The society is falling apart in Syria, people are incited against each others, hundreds of civilians supporting the regime were turned into bounty hunters. To kill a wanted activist, protester and even a sympathetic with those who are savagely slain, worth money and prizes. Many terrifying testimonies of women and children raped in prisons came out. Regime supporters when they don't have any guns, they resort to all cavemen weapons slike knifes and sharp tools. Even cluster bombs are used in hot spots to get rid of Assad opponents. In Homs, there were reports that prohibited white phosphorus was used against residential areas.

Nature is also destroyed by the constant shelling and burning of green vegetation. The most beautiful forests in northern Syria are burnt. Just today I heard that the Syrian regime is flattening prickly pear fields in Damascus by bulldozers. History is looted by regime's thugs, the employees in Aleppo museum leaked testimonies that many treasures were disappeared, footage leaked and taken from Assad forces show them stealing small statues from Palmyra ancient city, some are thousands of years old. Even live stock and animals were not spared. In Duma near Damascus, cow farms were destroyed and the poor animals were shot.

These actions cannot be allowed to carry on, what is left of Syria and its people must be saved. The silence of international community and humanitarian organizations is not tolerated nor acceptable. If there is no intention to act against these crimes and take the criminals to ICC, then support people to defend themselves and eventually prosecute the criminals.

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  • Kim Crane
    Jul 23, 2012
    Jul 23, 2012

    Every new detail that trickles out of Syria paints a more vivid picture of the horror humans are capable of inflicting on each other. I hope desperately that we prove ourselves capable of coming together to end this nightmare. Thank you Hummingbird for speaking out and calling for action. Please let us know if you have suggestions for how ordinary citizens around the world can help support the Syrian people and bring an end to the bloodshed.

    My heart goes out to you.

  • Usha K.C.
    Jul 25, 2012
    Jul 25, 2012


    uff, I can imagine how the people are living there.

    Thank you Hummingbird for writting this and let us know the frightful situation.

    May the God give Sirian People peace soon.