1- UN says that 100000 Syrians were killed in Syria, which means that 5 Syrians are killed every hour. This is official number as I believe the number is way more than that. Many Syrian sources say that the number reach 250000 people killed since March 2011.

2- If you start reading the names of the Syrians who lost their lives, you will spend 3 days in non stop reading till you read them all.

3- The tragedy forced 7 million Syrians to leave their homes, which means 1 in every 3 Syrians is homeless. These displaced Syrians make a population larger than: Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar or Bahrain.

4- In the Jordanian Capital Amman, 1 in every 9 people is a Syrian refugees.

5- Half of the Syrian refugees are children. Only 1 in 10 Syrian children are getting education. This means that 900000 children are without education.

6- Last year, about 45 million tweets used hashtag Syria in Arabic and English. This means that 148 tweets made about Syria in a second.

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Thank you for posting this compelling video which outlines the tragic consequences of the war in Syria. As the video states at the end, in sharing this video awareness of the problem might lead to the solution.