I am joining in with other Syrians in supporting Syrian detainees. The picture I am posting  here tells the following story: Numbers scattered around the word Justice, as Syrians who were tortured to death were marked with numbers written on their foreheads. The tears are number 8, I wanted to say that these tears will be shed for infinity as long as justice is not fulfilled.

This is what I feel. I hope this picture would encourage others out there to create in support of Syrian detainees, living, dead and missing.

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This is so powerful, Hummingbird. Thank you for sharing this image and the significance of these numbers. I am grateful to hear your voice, and hope others will join in as well. You're right: as long as justice is not reached, the tears will continue. Thank you for being a reflection of light and goodness and strength for us to see.

Dear Eliza, 

Thank you for your kind words. We do everything in our power to lift up grief and deliver the voice of the voiceless. 

May your day be showered by light and love. 


A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.