“VOF Week 4: (Today’s Vision for the Future).”

Posted April 14, 2009 from Nigeria

We are tasked with the burden of freedom from poverty, health/maternal issues, genital mutilation, laborers, trafficking, violence, widowhood, abortion/forced pregnancy, sexual slavery, HIV/AIDS related issues and other cultural practices/norms that affects millions of feminine folks globally.

Women suffer unduly from the impact of armed conflict in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria today and are made victims of other people’s decision because they are assumed to be tender. Development strategies will fail unless women become the central players of the game and must be included in all policies of peace making and reconstruction without fear or doubts!

I am a potential women leader and an advocate for gender equity, freedom and a better life for women in my community and the world in its entirety. Any thing that is worth doing is worth to be done well. Hence, if life is worth living we ought to live and make meaningful impact on the life of others and lay a good legacy for those yet unborn for history to remember us after now.

My vision is to be able to play an important role in the development of women in rural areas in developing countries, to see them live a better life, with reduced mortality rate, poverty, illiteracy, discrimination and spread of HIV/AIDS with increase in women participation in decision making, better negotiating skills, small / medium scale entrepreneurship development and having access to affordable global information.

If given the opportunity, being a correspondence will enable me improve my internet communication skills, increased self-awareness, build my leadership skills / networking skills, enable me use modern technology to write, share and publish life stories/testimonies within and outside my community that will serve as a motivation for women in other part of the world. It will also give me the opportunity to be mentored.

By being a correspondent for WorldPulse, the Words, the Voice of women in my community, state and my region (oil rich Niger/Delta region of Nigeria) will be heard, it will also give us the opportunity to share our challenges, experience and deliberate on a way forward. However, I believe that men strongly need education on the right of women and must recognize their role in every work of life.

Finally, together women can bring in conflict resolution and peace building and many more, if we are allowed to voice our opinion both large and small, we can build a better future.

Thank You for listening.

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  • Mckenzie
    Apr 16, 2009
    Apr 16, 2009

    Dear IB,

    Thank you for sharing. I agree that strategies will fail, around the world, if women are continually excluded as primary decision makers.

    You have powerful visions. It's comforting to know that women are out there around the world with motivation, and vision such as you have described.

    Well done on this assignment!


  • enDhruva
    Apr 19, 2009
    Apr 19, 2009

    Dear IB, Wow, you have really covered the challenges that women face all over the world. And yet, here we are, connecting, communicating and corresponding to make changes not just for ourselves but for others. I appreciate your vision for bring a voice and information to women in rural areas of developing countries - I believe as I think you do that there are strong women there waiting to be given the opportunity and permission to stand up and be a part of positive change.

    Thank you for sharing your vision and your passion. I can tell you are a strong, motivated woman who can make a difference!

    Cheers, Erin