What most excites you about Web 2.0? I have very limited knowledge about Web 2.0. But from the look of things, it can be very exciting considering that it can be used by both individuals and businesses. The “User-generated content”, which comprised of blogs, wikis and social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace can be interesting. I am made to understand that with this web application, every one can have a say on anything and publish it to the world at large. Also, what most excites me about Web 2.0 is the fact that as Web applications become more sophisticated, people can easily develop elaborate personal Web pages, create a blog, and upload their own opinions, audio and video. The fact that users are augmenting the news by reporting current events sometimes faster and with details often overlooked or ignored by the professional news media is quite exciting. On other hand, it is exciting to know that with the business web 2.0 (cloud computing), data and applications are stored on web servers, and a user has access from any computer via a web browser. In time, this could have significant impact on the type of personal computers users choose. What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement. I think one of the solutions that Web 2.0 brings to the global women’s empowerment movement is that it connects the members of the global women’s empowerment movement together through the creation of blogs. It also provides a platform where the members address common needs and challenges. Also, it provides women a safe space to learn new skills, recreate and develop into responsible, active members of their communities. There is the opportunity to view and comment online on other’s entries, connecting friends, and more importantly providing the opportunity to members to explore Pulse Wire. How are, or can, these tools be empowering for you? I think that by providing a safe space for interaction, it is empowering me to create solid partnerships with the global women’s empowerment movement, and also gain the important skills needed to advance my work.

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I really loved the way you shared your story. One thing that I would have liked to have seen was about your personal experience in engaging with Web 2.0 In my opinion, your words did not really explain about how Web 2.0 had changed your life. Or.. is there any difference before and after you use this tool?

Hope you don't mind with my previous statement. Here, we are all together in learning and i also believe you do some good things at your community. I'd be happy to read your stories in the next assignments. Don't forget to follow the instructions on the learning materials. :)

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Tari Indonesia

-- M&E of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Indonesia

"Be the change that you wish to change." - Mahatma Gandhi.

Hi, Icy

I liked your essay, especially the parts about World Pulse being a safe place to comment and learn and about providing information about stories that are not covered by professional news media-- how very true!

I read your profile and what I would really like to hear about is your work. You seem to have so much experience that I would like to know more about. This would make your writing so powerful! I think that you must have some experiences and insights that would be important for all of us to hear!

I look forward to reading more of your work,



This is a wonderful remark about me. I did not know I was doing something worth admiring by others. You will learn more about my work as we progress. but for now, I am a volunteer health coordinator, working to promote reproductive health and family planning information and education for women and girls in local communities.



Thank you so much for sharing. There is a lot to learn out there especially with all the tools that are available. I think it is great that you are interested in learning about all of these tools because as you mentioned it is a great way to connect and I love that you mention it being a platform to share and feel safe. The tools are very important and powerful.

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Sally Smith