What is your personal vision for your life, your community and/or the world? My personal vision is “working to improve myself, respect and care for the community of life”. I am using this vision to get on with my day to day work. Through this I am learning to improve on my own life and the lives of others, especially girls and women in underserved communities. Also, I am learning how to respectfully engage in discussion about differences, and how to embrace differences in order to address universal ethical and sustainability challenges. A large proportion of the world’s people are living a condition of life where they are unable to afford basic human needs such as food, clothing and shelter. This is referred to as poverty. The health impact of poverty is most seen on women and children, the most vulnerable of the groups and they often suffer death and diseases arising out of little or no access to healthcare, hygiene, clean water, good clothing and sufficient food. Other effects of poverty are visible in education, livelihood, development, migration, violence, etc. Today, my work as a volunteer with Adele Reproductive Health Foundation is striving to address these issues in my local community. If I could have any ‘supper power’ I would make this world a perfect place, where people should have equal rights and equal opportunities. My work targets abused children, especially girls and young mothers who are abused in one way or the other. I see this important because in my community boys are valued more than girls. The consequences of abuse are school drop out; early pregnancies and hazardous births. No one is spared! The abuse syndrome affects all class – the high, middle or low class. I’ve lived the experience and understand better what it means. The risk has grown to include HIV at an age when girls do not grasp the risks of AIDS. Why do you want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent and how will this help you achieve your vision? Applying to be one of the “Voices of Our Correspondent” is a great opportunity that I can not afford to miss. Moreso, I am working on innovative project of poverty alleviation and looking for volunteers to help me move forward with my vision. Certainly, “Voices of Our Correspondent” is the right venue for me to expose my vision and the challenges I face in realizing this vision. It is this inspiration that made me to apply to the “Voices of Our Correspondent”. I strongly believe that the program will bring me closer to the “Community-University Connection”. Also, the “Voices of Our Correspondent” will help me achieve my vision by connecting volunteers to track my project and connect people to my community. The program will connect me with skillful volunteers who will mentor me and design solutions to bring lasting benefit to my projects. Furthermore, the program will certainly help to publicize my project to a larger international community of volunteers who might be aware of what I am doing. So far, as a member of the Pulse Wire, I have benefited a lot through sharing of information about myself, community and organization and the work we are doing out here. It has been my life time dream to, explore and connect with skillful volunteers who are interested in working to serve peoples’ lives in local communities. The “Voices of Our Correspondent” is certainly the right program that will provide me the opportunity to bring my life time dream to a global audience.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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Your volunteer work is very necessary and very commendable. That you also wish to write about it, so that the world will know of the plights that many of your people face, is additionally laudable. I wish you the strength to continue with what you are already tackling and also any new trials that come your way.

I'm impressed by your vision for yourself and your community, and your leadership in doing the work that you do. I'm glad you're finding World Pulse to offer you a supportive environment, and you have a lot to offer to all of us in this community. Best wishes, Katie