Dear Listeners,

I am happy to get feedback from you, but I have a question. The feedback we get is to help us improve our work, be it writing style, clarity or length etc. Now, my question is, do we change/edit the submitted work based on the feedback, or is it more of guideline to follow in the next blog entry? Have been meaning to ask this since the first week. :)

Best, Rose

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Dear Rose Gill,

Thank you for your question! The information you receive from the Listeners is meant to help guide you when you submit your next assignment (not the one they are commenting on). You may make changes to your assignment only up until the due date. Once the due date has passed please do not make any changes! Does this answer your question?

Kind regards,


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Dear Rose,

Please note, I have changed the post above to be more explanatory! I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

I just started with submission for the week three assignment. I missed the first two weeks. because of poor connection i had to submit the work without adequate conclusion. I wanted to ensure I don't miss out again on the week 3 assignment since yesterday was the last day but i wished I could edit later. So I think we should have the opportunity to edit. I hope to be able to complete the week four.

Now what happens to me having missed week one and two, can I still submit something for those weeks?


Dear Emem,

Thank you for sharing your concern. For each assignment, you have up until the day it is due to make any edits. However, once the due date has occurred, please do not make any changes to your assignment. The point of feedback from Listeners is to help you for your next assignment, not the one they are actually commenting on.

Please go ahead and submit your week 1 and week 2 assignments as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Hi Gal

To answer you, just read their responses and do as they tell you my dear.


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Dear Rose and Enem,

You are born free and created uniquely by God; nobody is the same even as a twin. Nobody is perfect in this world; thus learning is a must in our lives. Learning is a whole life time.

I think if you could catch the benefits from the correction or the belated assignment, this is the value - this is most important; do follow it for your next work. Life is so precious...; it is not depending on any assignment, paper or statements...; but on how you take it as competitive advantages to your life and others.

That's why people say - Positive thinking is a flow of happiness; God has never let us fell down when we were splitted.. due to He hold us with His hands...! The true unfailing Love..!

No matter happened - whether we will be accepted or not in this VOF, show your potential to speak... sparkling out your unique value; I believe everyone has it... due to I believe God is fair and kind! Go tell your stories - Go change the world...! A gender harmony within equality and equity for men and women.

It is not because of others we alive, it is not because of advertisement we are here; it is not merely because of ICT progress using VOF made this cyber for you and me become a borderless communication - a pulsewire through Jenny invention; it is a God's Love! Pulsewire is a path of His blessings for us and others..

Let's disperse it to more women in the world who need empowerment and support.. For the sick, the poor and the hunger; as well as the marginalized and discriminated! Enjoy the moment to have a freedom to speak...; then next the world shall give the echoo it is worth or not.. God will never forget..

Have a blessed day! Smile... Best wishes,


Dear Erna,

your words are always encouraging to me, right from the start when i was still trying to 'find my way' on this website. I also agree with you that the goal should not be whether we get selected or not in the VOF and what follows it. This journey is a lot precious than the destination we all are trying to reach in our lives, the process of learning, speaking our hearts out and just living the life to the full. This platform feels like an asylum where I can take refuge, where somehow, I feel comfortable to share anything I want without fear. It feels nice to be listened to. Just what women need to keep on their individual struggles! Happy to have a friend like you through PulseWire! Best, Rose

Iffat Gill

Rose dear,

You have it now; all that you mentioned above - that is freedom! Moreover, wise word says - wisdom is started when there is no fear. FYI, today I celebrated also my freedom; due to I'm not afraid anymore to the 'power abuse' that being tried to override my working-life.

I said to my husband today why I did not feel anything when I read those fraud and power abuse signed in taking my work away. Instead I feel pity why a top management signed a fraud and turned down his dignity for this; how I learned something - celebration of freedom a strong feeling that God never turned down people who are honest and be in His way. So I won't give up! I remember God might forgive human but he never forget mistakes; every sin must be punished- God will be with us..

I knew it Rose, this VOF has changed me to be tougher, I have my burden released.. Due to I read, shared and learned from everybody's experiences. Women have barriers; I knew and experienced it. it needs to be admitted. I feel so grateful that now I'm in so much better condition - I still have my life though victimized;the family with love;the other works with dignity; the network with pulse - and the freedom with VOF this is the most value! Let's join the party all women - a freedom celebration!


Hi are we all suppose to be receiving feedback from listeners if we aren't does that mean anything. How do I know you have received my homeworks and how I'm d going ?

In Bold Rebirth DEE

Dear Dee,

You should all be receiving feedback from Listeners in the form of comments on your assignments. I can see from your assignments that you are getting comments. Does this answer your question?

Kind regards,


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Dear Grace,

I see that you have received comments on your Week 1 and Week 2 assignments. We have not yet assigned Week 3 to the Listeners. If you give it another few days, I am sure you will see more comments. Does this answer your question?

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Hi Rachael

Happy to see you again. Some of the questions here were what I had in mind and good to know the answers. I also have asked similar questions through the link given in the previous mail.

Warm Regards


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

Dear Rachael

Does the listener reveal his /her identity when commenting all times? I am asking because on my second assignment, my listener revealed her identity as my listener , while not in the the first and third ones .



Sahar Nuraddin

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Hi Sahar,

Each Listener has a PulseWire membership, so her comments are attached to her member profile. That means her comments aren't really anonymous! The Listeners can choose to tell you more about themselves, or not, but that's up to them!

Kind regards,


"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver