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ifigenia sofia
Posted March 26, 2014 from Greece

About Me: Hi! My name is Ifigenia Sofia Christodoulidou and I am a Business Psychologist and Partner in a prestigious boutique consulting firm, BPM S.A., based in Athens, Greece. I’ve worked for many years in large multinational corporations, mainly in HRD and Executive Advisor roles, before I decided that it was about time to get out there and do something on my own (should have done it sooner, but that’s another story…) Having had the experience of being an employee (working for someone else), a free-lancer (working just for me) and an entrepreneur (working for me, but at the same time adding value, giving something back to the world, even in the smallest way), I have become a very strong advocate of entrepreneurship.

I firmly believe that we are entering into a New Age of Work, where entrepreneurship will not just be an antidote to unemployment and a powerful driver of growth for local -and even- global economy. It will also be a key element for fully utilising our capabilities, for nurturing life skills, for personal development and fullfilment and for expressing our creativity, something very difficult to do in its entirety, when we work for someone else.

Besides, things are not like they used to be. The business world is changing. Over the next years, global economic and technological pressures will have a major impact on the ways we work –in fact they’ve already started. The days are gone when just about anyone could step into a lifetime job with regular pay raises, promotions and a good pension at retirement. The world and our lives will be in costant flux. We have to realize that, anticipate the changes to come and adapt accordingly. In this new era of work, self-reliance and self-improvement will be the new defining concepts. Exploiting our innate creativity, utilising our talents and capabilities and adopting an entrepreneurial attitude -and action!- is the way to go about it.

My Passions: Entrepreneurship, Art

My Challenges: People's outdated mentality that being an employee equals economic security.

My Vision for the Future: My vision is to raise awareness on the changing nature of work and the new market realities and on the need to take personal responsibility for our work life and start generating opportunities for ourselves.

My Areas of Expertise: Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology, People Development, New skills for the New Age of Work, Online Entrepreneurship

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  • kellyannaustin
    Mar 26, 2014
    Mar 26, 2014


    I was so fascinated to read about your passion for entrepreneurship and your embrace of new technology. I wonder if you would be willing to compose a piece about digital issues for our Women Weave the Web Campaign? I'd love to hear your thoughts about how technology affects your life and the lives of women around you, especially as we forge new business relationships and create new possibilities for better economic futures. This would be a perfect subject for our campaign! You can find out more information about the campaign here, It would be fabulous to have your voice join others as we think through issues around digital access in all its complexity.

    By participating, you will be joining a global community of women speaking out on the importance of digital inclusion and empowerment for women. Your voice will be delivered to powerful decision makers such as government officials, leaders in the technology industry, and policy makers at international organizations. In addition to influencing global agendas, your submission to the campaign will open the door to incredible opportunities such as:

    · Being selected to represent World Pulse at influential international forums. This is your chance to meet key players and make your voice count!

    · Connecting and building relationships with grassroots women leaders around the world. Be part of a community of thousands of women speaking out on this issue!

    · Exploring and sharing resources for your work on our Campaign Resources page. Find support for your initiatives from funding to volunteers and supporters!

    · Getting your voice heard on a global scale! World Pulse will analyze and collate your stories to deliver recommendations to influencers and decision makers on a global scale.

    · Getting visibility and support for your work. Your story could be featured on our site, included in an e-magazine, or even published by well-known media outlets!

    And the 2014 Lynn Syms Prize will be awarded to an outstanding grassroots woman and visionary voice using digital tools to effect change and advance her community work. The prize will include a $20,000 monetary prize to be paid out over two years to support her community based work, a feature profile on, and an all-expense paid trip to speak her message in New York City. You can find more on the website,

    The deadline is March 31st!

    Wishing you peace,

  • ifigenia sofia
    Mar 27, 2014
    Mar 27, 2014

    Hi Kelly!

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome to this amazing community! I will definitely participate in the campaign and I would be more than excited to compose a piece on the subject you are suggesting! You will have it within the next few days. Thanks again, Wishing you peace too,


  • kellyannaustin
    Mar 31, 2014
    Mar 31, 2014

    Hi Ifigenia,

    Oh, wonderful. :) I look forward to reading your piece!

    Best wishes,

  • ifigenia sofia
    Apr 01, 2014
    Apr 01, 2014

    I believe that the internet is the future of the economy.

    It is the next industrial revolution and it will affect with the same, if not with greater magnitude the way we work. We are entering a period of hyper technological advancements - avatars, holographs, virtual communities, global networking-, are starting to make a huge difference in our everyday life and business. Work will become more global and this means that increasingly people will be working in a virtual way.

    My aim is to build awareness on the changing nature of work and the new market realities, to inspire,educate and coach women to embrace these developments, to equip them with the necessary skills and tools in order to become more technical savvy, to help them challenge their deepest held beliefs about work, and finally guide them to start their own business, using the power of the internet in order to build their own micro-ventures.

    The ways to do that are plenty: by selling their handmade crafts in marketplaces or in their own e-shop, by promoting themeselves as an 'expert' in their respective filed and capitalize on their site through advertising and product (i.e.e-books) downloads, by offering their services virtually (i.e. translation), by exploiting crowdfunding opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs (a method for people to donate or invest in ideas they think are exciting or profitable), etc

    I do that through seminars, -some paid, some pro bono, depending on the audience, through writing in blogs, through giving inspirational speeches in events, participating in panels, etc. In general, I take every single opportunity to show women, how working through the Internet can change their lives for the better!!

    Just doing that make my life better!

  • Yvette Warren
    Apr 01, 2014
    Apr 01, 2014

    Hello from Louisiana, USA, Ifgenia. Welcome to World Pulse.

    I worked for many years for entrepreneurs and as an entrepreneur. I agree with you that the future of economic justice and empowerment is in the hands of entrepreneurs, like yourself.

    A great challenge I see facing women is that they have been brought up with a service mentality in which they are reluctant to assign fair market value to their efforts. My hope is that with enough examples of women unafraid to value themselves, we will show women the reasoning behind building own's own boat and then coming to help uplift others.

    You are now a part of a thriving grassroots network of women leaders and supporters from more than 190 countries. See the Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

    I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

    Blessings. Yvette