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Close to half 48 percent of South Sudanese girls are married before their 18th birthday. 44% of girls and young women in South Sudan have experienced GBV; 48% have experiences physical violence. Gender-based violence including rape and sexual assaults are common place in South Sudan, and have only been aggravated by the current conflict. In the current conflict, sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war to terrorize entire communities and constrain people’s freedom of movement.Women and girls are still vulnerable to sexual harassment while they carry out daily duties like fetching water. Due to weak laws and poor justice and fear of retribution by perpetrators hinders many from reporting.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. It is sadly such a prevalent issue, and is horrible that so many girls and women experience so much violence against them. We will continue to raise our voices and create change together. What do you see as a necessary step in addressing this issue? Have you seen any progress in the Sudan? Are women and girls willing to come together or does it still cause too much fear?

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Hi Michelle A mong the steps we can take is to ensure survivors of GBV receive treatment and psychosocial support, also ensure community awareness on violence against women and girls especially women and girls them selves, promote girls education, economic empowerement of women, and lobby for policies that protect women and girls. My organization Impact health organization is already focused on addressing such issues but we need people like you to support us, we shall be greatly to work with you to support people in south sudan, because it's one of the countries why highest women and girls abuse and early marriages figures are depressing. email