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Posted September 4, 2011 from Cambodia

IIMAC is a not-for-profit, non-government, development organisation with a focus on helping Illegal immigrant women with their siblings. We provide advice and support to individuals, communities worldwide.Our ultimate goal is to locate and help illegal immigrant women and their siblings living abroad to help them become fully self-sustainable before helping them to go back to their home country, we also help to empower local citizens in various communities around the world. We provide educational and training opportunities, secure project funding, build infrastructure and create networks to support their needs. Over time, this support can decrease as these women will become self-dependent.Illegal Immigrant Mother And Child's Mission Statement Our Mission is to establish a medium which will help us completely curb and eradicate illegal migration in women by education women on ways to survive in their home country thus playing a role in creating a stronger economy. Illegal Immigrant Mother And Child is anchored with the United Nation Millennium Development Goal by promoting women rights, gender equality and empowering women who are poor illegal immigrant which will contribute to achieving all the other goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives, improving maternal health of illegal women and children ,ensuring free education , combating illegal immigrant of sex and drug traffickers victimization, and ensuring environmental sustainability by providing means of livelihood for the migrants including financial and skilled training support that will enable them go back home as established individuals.

We are urgently seeking for volunteers to join us make this projects . Please visit http://iimac.weebly.comDescription The mission of IIMAC is to give individuals the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to international education in developing nations. Summer teaching opportunities, long-term and semester-long opportunities are available. Summer positions are available in Cambodia and Nigeria and will soon be available in other African and Asian Countries, we shall be teaching and studying the language of the local and engaging in cross-cultural activities. Qualifications For the summer programs, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and fluent in English. For the year-long programs, volunteers must have a bachelor's degree and be from any country. Languages English Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching English Cost in US$: Depends on the program Cost Includes:Emergency evacuation services Food Housing In-country orientation/Training In-country staff supports International travel Language instruction Living stipend Medical insurance Pre-departure orientation/Training Written materials abroad Written materials pre-departure Program Fees Include: Several IIMAC programs self funded and supported by volunteers. However, the schools that most need educators cannot afford to cover all of the costs associated with training, travel, insurance, and other expenses related to placing a teacher overseas. Because Illegal Immigrant Mother And Child receives no income from government grants or an endowment, we ask each volunteer to contribute or fundraise the cost of their placement and training in these countries, while the host community provides housing and a small stipend to support you during your service. By requesting that volunteers help fund their service overseas, IIMAC is able to provide volunteer educators to local communities that would not otherwise be able to afford qualified teachers .The majority of our volunteers end up fundraising at least some portion of their program cost. Salary/Pay Room and board for all volunteers & year-long volunteers also receive a living stipend from the institution where they are teaching.

Experience Required NO

Volunteer Types

Adult Education Aids Education English Teaching Health Education Primary Education Public Education Secondary Education Teaching Youth Skill Training

Age Range

Volunteers must be 18 for summer programs, and have a BA degree for year-long programs

Typical Living Arrangements

Home-stays Apartment/Flat Participants Travel In Groups Typically Participants Work Independently Application Process Involves Letters of Reference In-Person Interview when Feasible Physical Exam/Health Records


Transcript Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

1-2 week

Visit http://iimac.weebly.com to print your volunteer form

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