Alias-Women Our Roots (AWOR) has designed Empower Women through Mentoring programme for young women who are joining university and those in University in Uganda. Women have great potential to change community to a better world. However, from our work we have noted the need to help them focus and motivate them. Keeping the conversation going through email, skype, phone is all they need to keep motivated and focused.

I call upon you to spent some of your valuable time to mentor a young woman for greater heights.

I want to thank the women who have already offered their time and have partnered with us to mentor women in Uganda . I invite women like you to join this programme and change lives.

Inbox me and we shall get started. or

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Young women and girls want people to look up to. They need women to lean on for support-encouragement, motivation, inspiration knowledge and experience sharing so they can achieve their goals and implement their social change initiatives.

we invite women to mentor by supporting through encouragement, motivation and inspiration of a girl/woman so that she can maximize her potential, develop her skills, improve her performance and become the person she wants to be or bring the change she wants to see in her community.

Mentors will be paired with a girl/woman who you will communicate with regularly. A mentor will maintain a supportive relationship with the girl/woman based on respect, empathy, listening and encouragement. the mentor will help the girl/woman to continue to develop her confidence, skills, potential, talent and networks. A mentor will support the girl/woman to access opportunities and provide encouragement and support for them to achieve their goals. The mentor will also share your knowledge and life experiences and counsel and guide when necessary

The major mode of communication is the emails, skype and telephone. Letters that can be posted and Phone calls if you wish They are women/ girls between the ages of 15-30 years. This is voluntary. It is a life time opportunity to touch and transform a life and to raise a responsible woman or leader or independent woman. Mentors will be reporting regularly to share progress of how the mentoring sessions are going and if you need any support. They can always ask questions; share your experiences, lessons learnt, suggestions. If you have more questions I will be happy to answer them.

Grace Ikirimat (Community Champion-Leadership Group)

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Im really excited for the response towards the mentoring programme by the power of the internet. We have already connected a dozen mentees to mentors and the feedback so far is encouraging. it has started well. we are putting up a few things such as website to enable sharing our experiences. We still welcome more women to mentor a young woman in Uganda to greater heights.

Grace Ikirimat (Community Champion-Leadership Group)

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

This is one program that merits appreciation and recognition. Friend, if you need more mentors and you think I can help, count me in.

I just have one question, is there any guidelines or protocols to observe in listening, advising and other pertinent activities just like what World Pulse has for Volunteer Listeners?

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Thank you Lydia, I will very much appreciate having more women contributing in this noble cause. They can drop us mail on As for the guidelines, yes we have some in place. We are also developing a website on this programme and will soon be up and running. I look forward to hearing from you.

Grace Ikirimat (Community Champion-Leadership Group)

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."