Dear all, the experience with Pulse Wire correspondence has been an enriching and rewarding. The VOF 5 assignment was the most challenging so far for a number of reasons.

First of all , I had never tried making a video before so selecting a video making programme was tough, I kept on trying them out but all seemed to be difficult to use. Good enough through some advise I was able to zero down to one. This task required a lot of time and eye/ear to detail. Towards the end before I good polish up the original file/source got corrupted , so I had to manage with the stuff I had already done.

Otherwise, I now have more courage and motivation to make clips and share/ raise voices of the voiceless. The good news is that one of the leading daily local news papers will be running one of my articles. I will be glad to share with you the link.

Otherwise, it is my hope that the family we have created (2012 VOF Correspondents) will live to achieve their dreams. Lets continue encouraging /supporting and build each other to achieve goals.