I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Stella, Hummingbird and Conzelliza for being selected as the finalist of VOF 2012 correspondents. I have no doubt that they will articulate their voices for the voiceless.

I want to thank all the 31 correspondents for the commitment to accomplish the assignments/modules. It was not easy but due to the motivation and commitment by all we traveled together to the end. Specifically special thanks to those who read and commented on each others assignments. To me this is the tick part of building our writing skills. To me the comments received made me feel more confident that what was writing about created meaning and sense.

I can assure you all that I am not the same again after this programme. I see myself beyond what I had initially projected. Today, my articles are published in various media houses. "BIG ACHIEVEMENT". I can see my dream come true.

I want to thank my mentor Amy Kessel for he valuable time to listen to me and shape my dream. Amy, I am not the same again. You will always be my friend. Amy Moserey , my editorial midwife did an excellent work in guiding my all through the VOF journey. She was with me whenever I needed her. Be blessed.

Lastly, Scott, Racheal, Jensine, Vega and the entire team, this is a unique programme well put together. Thank you as we continue to raise the voices of the voiceless women in our communities.

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Dear friend and sister had been an honor to have your company during these months. I want to always be around (even as far geographically) to track your success and share experiences.

Kisses in your heart.

Valéria Barbosa


It's been such a joy watching your successes develop these past several months. You're an amazing leader, and the work you're doing to lift up young girls in Uganda is changing lives. The more the world knows, the better for all.

Thanks for your dedication and your hard work. Congratulations! Scott

Scott Beck