Our wonderful, inspiring Cambodian friend, Loung Ung, is interviewed here on PBS with Ray Suarez http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/asia/jan-june09/cambodiatrial_03-31.html

I pass this on because after having just returned from Cambodia, it is important to me that we all learn a bit more about this amazing country. Of course, this is the sad history and news about the Khmer Rouge, but there is also much beauty and joy there. It has really brought up questions for me about the what it means to have rule of law, to have justice, things I take for granted and even sometimes view with cynicism...

PS: I highly recommend both of Loung's books (Lucky Child, and First They Killed My Father).

I would love to hear from Cambodians about whether this month of April 17th holds significance from you personally? Thanks for sharing.