Many people are asking about this! The choice is in your hands. If you absolutely must or want to bring your laptop, and the slight inconvenience and precaution is worth it for the ability to get online on your own machine, please do so! You will need to take extra precautions when walking the streets of Nairobi or Kigali as theft can be an issue. And security lines at airports can take a bit longer of course. Hotels in Nairobi and Kigali will have WIFI and business centers, though there will likely be an extra fee to use it from your room (and this fee will be your responsibility). Note: our hotel in Masai Mara safari will likely not have high speed internet access. You should be aware that connectivity speed and even electricity is not the same standard as in the US.

Hope this helps in your decision making!

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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to clarify that I spoke to the hotel yesterday, and in fact WIFI is NOT available in our Nairobi hotel. However, never fear, there is cable internet access in-room, as well as in the business center. Sorry for any confusion. Laptop people, you should still be covered. Thanks and see you oh so soon! -ila

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