Be Bim Bop Korean airline food, surprisingly delicious, delirious waking, eating, nodding off, queuing up, waiting, shrink wrapped toilet seats, stars then clouds, then lights across the tarmac, friendly faces, dark streets, simmering misty morning skies and somehow I have landed in my own tiny garden paradise, bread and butter and fruit and passionfruit juice with the crunchy tadpole seeds suspended in sweetness...and thank you god, for WIFI.

My adventure has just begun and I'm dipping my toes and breathing the thick air, eager and calm and ecstatic all at once...Love to everyone from the garden deck at the Kabiki... I'll be seeing you soon...

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Thans Ila...i feel like i already know exactly how my journey will be. I am also flying on Korean Air. Is there anything you wished you had brought...i still have a few more hours to gather!! See you shortly.

Gillian! Hurray! love seeing you on Pulsewire. The only thing I wish I had brought is a full night's sleep before leaving. I always seem to pull an all-nighter before I leave on a big trip somehow and it makes me zombie-ish. Otherwise.. I think you will find everything you need and more is already here. Ambien? (wink!) Swimsuit!? Camera? Journal? Plane snacks (though they fed us plenty on Asiana air)...mosquito repellent? And you got your visa in advance, correct? That was the only thing, I've found in SE Asia people don't really believe in the "queue" so getting the visa after the flight required a little elbowing, but honestly compared to many of my travels it wasn't a big deal. Life is good & easy and I'm gearing up to explore the town in a moment... The temperature is heavenly, overcast and not too hot at all! Can't wait to see you!

Ila Asplund

Half Sky Journeys

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Hi Ila!

You don't sound like you are planning to be back in a while! I am looking out for more updates from you! Sounds like fun time...Be Bim Bop a doo wop!!! Enjoy!

Xxooxx, Leah.

I never meant to be Hibrahim,only that he did not sign out after using the comp...

So here i am again.I was checking out to get some news once ago.I guess you are having a great time! I can feel you!


My dearest Ila, it sounds lovely! I am so glad you made it in alright. I had a dream last night about you coming back from Cambodia. You were excited but exhausted!! A good sign that you will have more fun than you know what to do with while away.

Love you, Corine