As i flip through my calender, work and school schedules. It hits me tomorrow is the International Women Day and yes i have a hero, heroine, conqueror and queen in my life that i honor with my writings that are pages from the deepest point of my heart. She is Priscah Ingotse Ingutia.

The world is my Oyster so i say today Who made me Who Kept me Alive? Who didn't flash me out when i was just blood? Who persevered the cruel hands of death when her spouse died? Who endured stigma and discrimination for not accepting to be inherited after her husband died? Who single handedly raised 10 school going children after becoming widowed?

From a minute cell to a fully grown fetus From a delicate , fragile infant to a toddler From a sweet girl to a rebel teenager From a teen single, disturbed mother to a responsible working mother From the abyss of failure to a pedestal of success. I am a success story,because of you

If i could turn back the hand of time , will i change anything? Will i want a new mother?

Priscah you nursed my siblings and i You did not fear getting your hands dirty in the farm You did not fear disciplining us into the road of success You challenged status quo after your husband's death Your open arms took in orphans and vulnerable children into your warm wings You showed us and especially me BEING A WOMAN IS NOT A CURSE You are my Hero, Heroine,best friend and wonderful gift God ever gave to me. Mom , you're Queen among women Thank you for being my mom

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes.