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Voice Power Pack

Immaculate Amoit
Posted March 3, 2018 from Kenya
Receiving the V Power Pack from Mahnaz

Our campaign has been backed up by a technological tool from World Pulse!

On the 19th February 2018 when Mahnaz Harrison (World Pulse Board Member) visited Kenya delivered to us a Voice Power Pack. This tool will help in advancing our organisations work by enabling us reach more young women and track their progress once they join our programs.

The tool is also economically sustainable especially in regions like ours where we have constant power black out and lack of electricity in some areas.

Follow our journey to see how this tool will change lives in the next 6months.

Our gratitude goes to Coleen Abdoulah, Mahnaz Harrison, Jensine Larsen and the entire World Pulse team for not just the 'V' Power Pack but for amplifying grassroots women's voices and work.

Thank You For Making the lives of women around the world better!

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  • Jane Astley
    Mar 04
    Mar 04

    Hi Immah,

    It's wonderful to hear about technology supporting crucial projects such as yours. Everything we do with technology ought to be a sustainable practice which brings results or data which would otherwise be difficult to obtain. 

    Good luck with the innovation and I look forward to hearing more. 

    Warmest wishes,


  • Kristine Yakhama
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    No technology no development it has eased work.

  • Valéria Barbosa
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    Querida irmã, estou feliz com esta oportunidade. Com a ferramenta Tecnologia tudo será mais fácil encontrar respostas. Abraços

  • Sophie Ngassa
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    My dear sister Idewa, Awwhhh! This is good news. I am jumping with sounds of joy for you.

    You will expand to all the ends of Kenya with this Tech tools.

  • JulieG
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    I love this!  Even just reading "voice power pack" made me smile, as I imagine the women's voices being amplified with super powers!  :)  This is good news, though, and happy it will so significantly impact your work!

  • Aramide Oikelome
    Mar 06
    Mar 06

    Congratulations Immaculate!

    This is such a wonderful tool that will help amplify your work with empowering teenage mothers.

    Keep up the good work! Your generation is blessed!

    In Partnership,