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Breaking the Silence, World Pulse Kenya Circle

Immaculate Amoit
Posted March 3, 2018 from Kenya

Having an offline World Pulse circle has always been my dream. We interact a lot online but hardly meet, yet we are in the same countries or regions.

On the 23rd of February, we did create a Kenyan Circle of World Pulse. Currently we have 6 members, Mahnaz Harrison, Saum Idd, Hellen Kyambi, Brownkey Abdullahi, Leah Okeyo and Immaculate Amoit.

The Circle is meant to cement and strengthen our online sisterhood while giving us the opportunity to work together, share experiences and create visibility for our work and World Pulse off line by having circle events.

On this one day facilitated by Mahnaz Harrison.We discussed Gender Based Violence, how it manifests and ways of supporting victims and perpetrators.

Gender based Violence can only be addressed if we start at the individual level, community level and policy (administrative level). At individual level we can support the victims by listening and forming a community that shame the perpetrators. At community level we can push for reforms in SGBV policy that are favourable for women access to justice and health services.

Through out the discussion we found out women stay in abused BV relationship out of fear of societal expectations, the dowry issue and fear of the unknown. Victims of domestic violence can be supported by listening to them, showing love (tell them its not their fault they were beaten or raped) also give them referrals to shelter and rehabilitation. Kenya however has no shelter homes an agenda that we sought to research on.

Interesting insights on how dowry enslaves women came up. Dowry has always been used by men mostly from Africa, parts of Asia And Middle East as a form of ownership to women. This makes them to respect women less, who they feel owe their lives to them. We felt there's need to pick up the dowry issue with agencies like UN Women. Early marriages, are prone due to dowry , when a prize is placed on a Woman head, it seizes to be dowry and turns to selling a woman.We need to set women.

Young girls and boys also ought to be sensitised through film and stories as Saum shared. While older women need to step up their efforts in stopping the vice ( ask them how did you feel when it happened to you?).

We look forward to actualising this discussion in the next months

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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  • Mar 04
    Mar 04

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  • sridevi k
    Mar 04
    Mar 04

    Dear Immah,

    My Sister, U r doing a fabulous job by encouraging women, U r helping them through ur networks and  community, Its very nice and kind of you to organize meetings and impart knowledge and ur educating teen moms  and other ladies, I pray that u r successful in all ur endeavors of helping ladies and adoloscents. God Bless You abundantly for all ur good and kind deeds.

    Best Regards

    Yours Sincerely


  • Tamarack Verrall
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    Dear Immah,

    What great news, an off line Kenyan Circle of World Pulse! This is such a good plan, and creates such opportunity to strengthen and deepen work together. The first time I saw a photo of some of our Nigerian WorldPulse sisters in the same room together, I swear I could feel the power across the ocean. Same feeling seeing your photo here. I am hoping to continue to grow our chances to meet here in Canada too. The times I have met WorldPulse sisters in person, I have been left with such a joy of deepened connection. How wonderful for the 6 of you, and how important that you were able to do some talking on ending the abuse there.

    In sisterhood from across the ocean,


  • Sophie Ngassa
    Mar 05
    Mar 05

    My dearest sister, I am happy for your new circle. It is very important to have an offline support system.

    You all did a great job. Warm greetings for cameroon.

  • Bettina Amendi
    Mar 08
    Mar 08

    Hello.Am in Kenya.How can we hook up.

  • Obisakin Busayo
    Mar 11
    Mar 11

    Great job Immaculate! The support system greatly needed and must be tapped. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Keep soaring my Sister!!



  • emily_2
    Mar 18
    Mar 18

    Hello,I am Emily Anyango Odera from Kisumu Kenya.I am a member World Pulse since 2011: and I am the founder of Ketwangi Learning centre,a Special School for orphans and vulnerable children since the year 2009.Add me in the Kenya members.See more of me in Facebook ! orphan ketwang and WordPress and YouTube.Or you may Google Ketwangi documentary.Thank you and be Blessed.

  • Hellen Kimanzi
    Mar 20
    Mar 20

    It was an honour to be part of the offline world pulse circle. Thank you my dear sister Imma,Saum and Mahnaz for such a great insight on Gender based violence. I look forward to more interactions with all of you sisters.

    Mar 21
    Mar 21

    HERE  COULD YOU PLEASE add me to your membership in Kenya as I support and advocate for women world wide.I am in kenya too

  • Rosylyne Nabaala
    Mar 25
    Mar 25

    Hi my dear sister , thank you so much for your effort for our Kenyans offline world  pulse cycle  . I work with women and children  (empowerment and anti  child abuse and exploitation ) add me please. 

    Mar 31
    Mar 31

    Hi Immaculate,

    Bravo!!! Am also a World Pulse Member since 2009. Am a Community Volunteer for 19 yrs now. I serve all in my poor Community doing the same same job you do. There are so many Gender Based Violence cases i.e defilement, sodomy, rape cases Children,disabled Children,Teens.

    I would like to meet you face to face so that you may advise me on how to go about some of those challenges.

    Rescue Centre is my major challenge.

    Teresia Wambui N. Kagecha

    Mobile No. 0701624213


  • Ndimofor Aretas
    Apr 08
    Apr 08

    Dear Immaculate,

    I wish you all the best as you establish an offline World Pulse Circle in Kenya.

    I am very passionate about helping women Entrepreneurs in my community.  It recently came to my attention that women have a lot of gender bias obstacles that are holding them back.

    I have therefore decided to do what I can to assist them while creating awareness and encouraging other men to join in.

    I think an Offline World Pulse community is one way to go and therefore I will also identify World Pulse members in my community and put together a Circle here too.